Frequently Asked Questions

Look here for answers to commonly asked questions about booking Triptych for your event.

Booking Questions
Q) Will our venue be able to accomodate a five piece band?

A) We are able to adjust our "footprint" to suit most venues. In a typical band, the drum kit takes up a lot of space. Gareth uses a cajon at smaller venues, and at venues where volume is likey to be an issue. Of course, at larger venues, he is happy to use his full kit!

Q) How long do you play for?

A) We typically play from 45 minutes, up to two hours, composed of two 45 minute sets with an interval.

Q) How much does it cost to book Triptych?

A) The cost of a booking varies depending upon the length of time that you would like us to play for, how far away from us the venue is, and if you have any special requests. Please email us the details of your event for a tailored quote.

Set List/Music Questions
Q) Can we request specific songs to be played?

A) We are happy to learn new songs for your event, as long as there is enough time between the booking being made and the event. Please Please email us to discuss futeher.

Q) Can you provide interval music for longer sets which you take a break in?

A) We are able to provide interval music throuhg our PA system if it is being used at your venue.